The Most Popular Place to Get Coffee in Your State (and Everywhere Else)

(Image credit: Anna Brones)

When I first read the title of this article, I was sure that the most popular place to get coffee in Michigan would be my favorite shop in downtown Lansing. I was so wrong! How does your favorite place stack up against the rest of the coffee shops in your state?

Although I was initially sad that Strange Matter Coffee Co. didn’t make the cut, the disappointment faded quickly. It’s important to note that the locations listed at the link below were identified as popular based only on FourSquare “check-ins,” and not their merit — although those two are probably related in many cases. Even so, it’s a fun list to ponder. Does the most popular coffee shop in your state surprise you? Is it a small-town favorite, or maybe a chain shop with a prime location?

To my surprise, I had never so much as heard of Michigan’s most popular place to get coffee until today. I’m happy to say that it sounds like a pretty good shop, though, so I’m making a mental note to check it out next time I drive through that part of the state. Is anyone else planning a road trip after seeing their state’s most popular place to get coffee?

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