The Most Gorgeous Panettone You Can Find on Instagram

updated May 30, 2019
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Given that it’s the holidays, I recently went down a flour-filled rabbit hole on Instagram for #panettone. There are currently over 220,000 photos under the hashtag. I’ve seen a box of panettone around family holiday gatherings, but I never really knew what went into making it until recently. I didn’t fully understand the amount of artistry that is needed to craft the perfect loaf. Well, this tasty bread is making a comeback in a big way, and it’s easy to see why.

Growing up, panettone was just something on the table, like fruitcake. None of the kids ever ate it and, because of this, I never cultivated a taste for it. Because of the recent resurgence of it across the internet and at bakeries near and far, it’s come to my attention that I’ve been missing out!

The loaves are packed with bits of candied fruits, nuts, and chocolate, but that’s not what makes them special. The dough itself is a fickle weasel. There are 101 things that can go wrong in the creation of one of these sky-high towering desserts, but when it all comes together and everything happens as it should, it’s pure magic — tasty, delicious magic.

Here are some of my favorite photos of panettone from around the Instagram world. There are so many different ways to create these special treats, and watching them in different stages of the process is mesmerizing. Did you know they cool while hanging upside down? So awesome.