These Are the Most Beautiful Pies You’ll Ever See on Instagram

published Dec 1, 2017
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(Image credit: @lokokitchen/ Instagram)

With Thanksgiving behind us and the rest of the holiday season still to come, it seems like everywhere we turn there’s another baked good or sweet to be made (and consumed). None, however, are as beautiful as the pies from Lauren Ko. Her Instagram has gained overnight success, and for good reason! Are you following along?

Lauren Ko runs @lokokitchen over on Instagram and if you’re not already following along, stop reading this and go add her to your feed. It’s fine, I’ll wait.

Are you following her now? Great.

Based out of Seattle, Ko was encouraged by friends to catalog her pretty pie-making skills on Instagram. Maybe it’s even skillz, with a “z,” because that’s how awesome she is! No, seriously, let me explain.

Although she currently only has 26 posts, her work is clean, crisp, and totally inspiring. This cranberry pie, for example, is a work of art. I can’t even imagine how long it took her to create this mathematical masterpiece. And let’s talk about this ombré cherry pie which seems simple enough, but probably took a lot of time to source all those different-colored cherries. And I’m obsessed with this cranberry curd tart with the most incredible design. And this chai masala pumpkin pie with the perfect weave makes me weak in the knees.

Lauren has gained rockstar status for her pretty pies, and I can’t wait to follow along on her journey. I wish her all the best, and if she needs any taste-testers for her masterpieces, she knows where to find me.

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