Mourning Gourmet? Blame the Internet, Says Kimball. The Morning News for 10.9.09

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Why did Gourmet go under? The newspapers and blogosphere are spinning with analysis. Christopher Kimball of Cook’s Illustrated says it’s the internet’s fault, where we are now “ruled by a million instant pundits” and experts are no longer secure in their “coronated” positions.

Kimball’s op-ed also has an odd twist, since Condé Nast purchased and immediately shut down his magazine back in 1990. Since then Kimball has of course repurchased and secured his throne, but it’s a strange twist.

Read on for that plus more Gourmet mourning, Nestle going head-to-head with mommy bloggers, and a study that finds chicken more fatty (these days) than red meat.

Gourmet To All That – Christopher Kimball’s op-ed at The New York Times.

The death of food porn? at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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