The Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel Is a Mandatory Pizza Tool

If you’re attempting to make great pizza at home (a noble endeavor), your success will be determined in large part by how hot you can get your oven. And that is where the Baking Steel comes in — heavier and more durable than a pizza stone, and far more versatile — this is a hunk of metal that will help you turn out beautiful pizzas with ease.

The Baking Steel is a very smart, very simple tool — a heavy piece of seasoned steel designed for baking. We’ve reviewed it before:

I bought one on its first Kickstarter run and love it so much; it helps hold heat in the oven and gives my pizzas a beautiful bottom crust. It can also double as a stovetop griddle (not to mention a great surface for baking bread).

This particular model of the Baking Steel was tweaked a bit by the culinary masterminds at Modernist Cuisine. They fiddled with the weights and dimensions until they found what they say is the perfect size for baking great pizza.

I’ve baked with both the Modernist Cuisine and the original version; both make beautiful pizzas, and I trust those geeky food scientists to have perfected this smart and simple tool.

Either way — original version or Modernist Cuisine — it’s a fabulous accessory for making great pizza at home, and one that I value so much.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s so easy to store; if you don’t want to leave it in your oven all the time, slip it away between cabinets or even under your bed. I do recommend the carrying case, though; it makes lugging this 22-pound slab of steel a little easier.