The Modern Asian Cookbook You Need Now

We’ve long been fans of Danielle Chang and her Lucky Rice feasts that explore the wide range of Asian cuisine. And now with the release of her first cookbook, everyone can experience the magic of Lucky Rice — even if you don’t live near one of the festival locations.

One of our favorite things about the Lucky Rice Cookbook is that while it honors the traditions and flavors of Asian cuisine, Chang isn’t afraid to celebrate new takes on classic dishes. In fact, she has a whole “Asian mash-up” chapter that combines Asian flavors with dishes from other cuisinesm and vice versa.

Of course, the Lucky Rice feasts have always been about educating attendees about Asian culture and cuisine, and that carries through in the cookbook with stories of the night markets, street food, and family traditions.

For anyone looking for a decidedly modern take on Asian cooking, this is the book to add to your culinary library.