The Menu from the Last Lunch on the Titanic Could Be Yours (for $70,000)

(Image credit: Cliff | Flickr)

Want to know what first-class passengers ate for their final lunch on the Titanic? Now you can.

A lunch menu from April 14, 1912 — the same day the Titanic hit the infamous iceberg — is going up for auction on September 30 in New York City.

According to the online auction house handling the sale, the seller of the menu is “the son of a man who was given the items by a direct descendant of one of the survivors of lifeboat.” That survivor is Abraham Lincoln Salomon, who managed to save the menu, along with a few other possessions.

The menu features items like grilled mutton chops and a cheese board with eight offerings.

The auction house is expecting to get $70,000 for this rare little slice of history.