Tasting Table’s Mayo Matrix: 9 Ways to Take Mayo Up a Notch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Mayonnaise is undeniably a thing in the summertime. We break it out for potato salad and coleslaw, deviled eggs and dips. So it only makes sense that someone took the time to develop a creative way to blend new flavors.

Recently the good folks at Tasting Table came up with what they’re calling The Mayo Matrix, inspired by the outrageous takes on mayonnaise that a few well-known restaurants are doing with their in-house burgers. Of the project Tasting Table said, “Indeed, mayonnaise is an ideal canvas to mix in anything you might desire, from Sriracha to cilantro.”

Tasting Table began with the ultimate mayonnaise recipe and moved on to develop a cool mix-and-match chart that yields nine different flavor combinations using ingredients like pickled pepper, sriacha, lime, basil and smoked paprika. While it often seems like food folks get bored and fuss with a good thing until it’s no longer good anymore, this isn’t the case here. These innovative mayonnaise ideas are just what we all need to get through the dog days of summer in one piece .

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(Image: Tasting Table)