The Locavore’s Delight: Five Delicious Reasons to Appreciate the Bay Area

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
  1. De la Paz Coffee. They’ll roast your coffee in the morning and deliver it to your home or office that afternoon. On their bicycles.

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2. St. George Absinthe, made right over there in Alameda on the SF Bay. Hurray! cried the Locavores.

3. Tartine’s bread. Incredible, rustic, alive with flavor. Baked once a day in the late afternoon. Often sold-out well before it emerges from the oven. (If you really want some of the best bread in the Bay Area, go to Green Gulch Zen Farm near Muir Beach on Sundays around 11 AM. They usually hold a little post-meditation farmer’s market where you can pick up a loaf of Mick’s bread, made fresh that morning. If you’re really hard core, you’ll go early for the zazen.)

4. You can now buy Saint Benoit yogurt in returnable glass mason jars. Hurray! cried the Environmentalists.

5. Slow Food Nation is 31 days away and counting. Prediction: It will live up to — no, it will surpass — its dream of becoming the ‘Food Lover’s Woodstock.”

What are five delicious things from your city (or your five for the Bay Area)?

(Image: Dana)