The Last Minute Thanksgiving: Non-Traditional Menu

updated Sep 11, 2019
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A last-minute Thanksgiving meal for a small group – maybe just two or three – doesn’t need to strain to cover all the traditional foods. Here’s a decidedly untraditional Thanksgiving menu with our favorite lamb recipe and easy sides. This whole thing can come together with one trip to Trader Joe’s and less than two hours of kitchen time.

Shopping list after the jump…

• Make the cake first – it takes about an hour to bake.
• While the cake is baking, prep the potatoes and the lamb. If you don’t have time ahead to do the lamb rub, don’t worry. Just leave it in the fridge for an hour to marinate in the spices.
• Start the lamb roast near the end of the cake’s bake time. Sear it then put it on low.
• Take the cake out of the oven to cool and put the potatoes in.
• Make the salad.
• By the time the potatoes are done the lamb can be finished and sliced, the salad done, and cream whipped for the cake. Happy Thanksgiving!

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Shopping List

1 2-pound boneless, butterflied leg of lamb
2 1/2 cups cranberries (1 bag)
2 pounds medium-size red-skinned potatoes
2 fennel bulbs
2 large seedless oranges
4 large shallots
1 pint whipping cream (optional)

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Menu Pantry List
Ingredients you probably already have around…

Olive oil
Kosher salt
Black pepper
Ground cinnamon
Ground cardamom
Ground cumin
Cayenne pepper
Ground turmeric
(Or, substitute garam masala for the above spices)
3 eggs
At least 1 cup butter
Almond extract (optional)
Kirsch (optional)

9-inch springform pan
Large covered sauté pan
Mandoline (optional but helpful)

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