The Kitchn’s Very Own Market Bag

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These days, if you walk out of the market with plastic bags in your grip, you’re risking sneers from eco-chic shoppers toting re-usable bags.

Time for a Kitchn market bag.

They’re beautiful, very sturdy, and fit nicely over the shoulder. We’re selling them for $15 (which includes shipping & handling.) Get them while you still can, by emailing us with “Kitchn Market Bag” in the subject. We’ll email you back with paypal info.

Read on for why these bags are so special…

Note: These feature a limited edition, highly sought after design with a nod back to the early days of the Kitchn, when we still had our “e” – as many of our early readers know, in December 2007, many of the Apartment Therapy sister sites had some nipping and tucking done to their names. We lost our “e” and these bags were designed prior to that change. We had a contest, and the readers’ choice was this bag, designed by reader Mimi.