The Kitchn’s Top 20 Kitchen Tours Of All Time (So Far)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of our signature features is our kitchen tours. We take a moment every week to peek into one or two real-life kitchens, where real cooking happens. Sometimes these are tiny kitchens, brought to life by a vibrant cook. Other times the kitchens themselves are showplaces — gorgeous and light-filled. Every kitchen has its own story and its own way of inspiring.

Here is a look back at our top 20 tours of all time — the tours that for one reason or another, our readers loved the most! There’s a pastry chef’s small kitchen in Paris, and a beautiful family kitchen in Portland. Sara Moulton’s New York City kitchen is here, as well as a folding jewel box of a space in London. Read on to see them all!

• 1 London Urchin’s Fold-Out Jewel Box – A truly unique and amazing kitchen in a tiny London flat.
• 2 At Home in Paris with David Lebovitz – In David Lebovitz’s tiny kitchen in Paris. He tests all of his cookbook recipes right here!
• 3 Frank’s Swift & Stunning IKEA Remodel – An impressive remodel from reader Frank.
• 4 Matt and Blair’s Fresh Retro Kitchen – A fresh, modern retro kitchen in Columbus, Ohio.
• 5 Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Kitchen – Sara Moulton, at home!

• 6 Ashley Ann’s $500 Light and Lovely Remodel – An inspiring family kitchen and a striking remodel on a modest budget.
• 7 A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box – A visit with a bento expert.
• 8 An Ultra-Sleek, Ultra-Micro Kitchen – A tiny kitchen tucked into the corner of an urban apartment.
• 9 Paule Caillat’s Splendid Paris Kitchen – A glorious kitchen in Paris.
• 10 Kittie’s Precision Micro Kitchen – Another small urban apartment kitchen.

• 11 Shelby and Joe’s Fabulous Family Kitchen – A rustic yet modern family kitchen in Portland, Oregon.
• 12 Katin & Brandon’s Casual Kitchen by the Sea – A serene, gracious kitchen.
• 13 Lupine & Dan’s Joyful, Organized Kitchen – An open, light-filled kitchen in Portland.
• 14 A Lovely ‘Before’ from Rena and Derek – A smart, simple remodel in a San Francisco kitchen.
• 15 Melissa Clark’s Revamped Kitchen – A visit with New York Times writer Melissa Clark in her remodeled home kitchen.

• 16 Bob and Cortney of Sixx Design Serve Nine – A visit with the huge family of Bob and Cortney Novogratz of Sixx Design.
• 17 Kyle’s Colorful Boston Perch – A colorful, inspiring Boston kitchen.
• 18 Margaret Roach’s Vibrant Garden Kitchen – A gardener’s kitchen.
• 19 Jill’s Small Powerhouse of a Kitchen – A small kitchen with an inspiring use of glass shelves.
• 20 Devesh and Tara’s Spice Pantry – A peek into a well-stocked spice pantry.

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