The Kitchn Is Hiring Bloggers: Apply Here!

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It has been a long time since The Kitchn held an audition or blogger search, but we are growing, and we are looking for one or two new voices to join our fun and close-knit team. If you are interested in blogging for The Kitchn, read on to see if you match up with what we’re looking for! You have until September 3 Monday September 6 at 5pm EST to apply.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for one or two bloggers who have a keen eye for what is most interesting in the wide world of food right now, and who can write quick and attention-grabbing posts. We are looking for writers who can bring something new and fresh to our team.

Can you write pithy, timely, and even funny posts on current news and trends? Do you have an eye for quirky or useful tips and tricks from blogs and magazines? Are you up to date with the new products shelf at Trader Joe’s? Do you read Food News Journal every day? Do you watch Top Chef and every other TV food show? Can you spot trends on Tastespotting? Do you know about the latest recall and the hottest new cookbook release? Do you have a birds-eye view of what’s interesting in the world of food? Is your blogroll or feed reader longer than your arm? Then this may be the job for you.

What we’re not looking for right now:
Recipe or original feature writers. While we certainly appreciate it if you can write a good recipe and if you can take excellent photos, that is not the focus of this search.

Bonus points:
• Preference will be given to bloggers in the Portland and Seattle areas, as well as Chicago and the Southeast.
• Preference will be given to bloggers who are long-term fans of The Kitchn, and who know our voice and style well. (Read our mission statement here.)
• Being a great photographer is not necessary for this position, but it is a bonus. You do need to be comfortable finding, editing, and uploading photographs.

What You Need

TECH: Must have a good computer and reliable internet connection. It is strongly preferred that you can use Photoshop. A good digital camera and photography skills are helpful. It is also strongly preferred that you have had at least some experience with a major blogging platform such as Movable Type or WordPress.

WRITING: Must be a competent writer, not prone to grammar or spelling errors. What is the difference between palate and palette, its and it’s. What is the appropriate use of the phrase “in lieu” or “loath to”. It is strongly preferred that you can answer such questions correctly and really care about the quality of your writing.

DESIGN & STYLE: You should have a keen eye for classy design and delicious, nourishing food.

TEAM: Some of the most key qualifications for a blogger at The Kitchn are reliability and capacity for teamwork. We have all made long-term friends with our colleagues here, and some have even found further food jobs via the site. (Food marketing and PR, cookbook deals, newspaper writing gigs, etc…) We like to do whatever we can to make this job fun and beneficial for the writers, and to help them stay with us long-term. We do look for a set commitment of writing, and all posts are required to be finished well ahead of posting for editorial oversight.

Still Interested?

Application Deadline: Friday, September 3

What to expect:
• The Kitchn’s team will look over submissions, and depending on submissions, may post a few sample posts from auditioning bloggers the week following Labor Day.
• If we do not choose you to be posted on the site or as a blogger — please don’t take it personally! We are just looking for the bloggers who best suit The Kitchn and its audience.