The Kitchn Cure Day 4: Clear Out the Freezer

updated May 12, 2022
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The Kitchn Cure Day 4: Thursday, August 14
Assignment: Clear out the freezer. (See all the assignments so far here)
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Your refrigerator is now in tip-top shape, so let’s move on to the freezer, shall we? Like the refrigerator task, we’re divvying up this task into two days. Today we’ll clear out, consolidate, and label everything in your freezer; tomorrow we’ll clean and organize it so you can easily find what you need! Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Today’s Assignment (estimated time: 30 minutes)

  1. Take a “Before” photo of your freezer: Freezer burn. Unlabeled containers. Three half-open bags of peas. Whatever state your freezer is in, take a photo of it and post it to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook account! Use the hashtag #kitchncure. Don’t be shy. We’re all there with you!
  2. Take everything out of the freezer: Unload everything in the freezer onto the countertop.
  3. Throw away or compost foods destroyed by freezer burn: Freezer burn is irreversible, so if you’ve found anything overrun with the white stuff, it’s best to sacrifice it to the freezer gods. The same goes for any food item that’s exceptionally old, stale or otherwise unusable.
  4. Consolidate: Do you have several opened bags of vegetables or nuts? A few small containers of chopped fruit or vegetable scraps for stock? Consolidate like items and get rid of the clutter. One way to do this is to make sure you have proper freezer containers to help you use your freezer space efficiently. Check out these posts for help → Essential Freezer Equipment and Supplies and Choosing the Right Freezer Containers
  5. Label, label, label! Get a sharpie and some painter’s tape and make sure all bags and containers are labeled with their contents. If you can remember, add the date the food went into the freezer. (Can’t remember? That’s okay. This is a good habit to start now!) You can also label food containers with a dry erase crayon.
  6. Load everything back into your freezer: Don’t worry about organizing the freezer right now — we have yet to clean and defrost it (that’s tomorrow’s task). When that’s done, we’ll talk about organizing your freezer by zone, the best containers for freezing food, and more!
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