The Kitchn Cure Day 15: Restock Your Pantry & Buy Necessary Tools

updated Jul 16, 2020
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The Kitchn Cure Day 15: Friday, August 29
Assignment: Restock your pantry. Buy any tools, gadgets, or utensils you really need. (See all the assignments so far here)
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We’re coming up on a long holiday weekend, which is a great time to catch up on The Kitchn Cure tasks if you need to. If you’re feeling on top of it, then your only task for today and this weekend is this: shop! Yes, that’s right — it’s time to replenish your pantry ingredients and pick up any tools or gadgets you need. All out of cumin seed? Really need a new salad spinner? Go get it!

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Today’s Assignment (estimated time: 30 minutes – 1 hour)

  1. Take a look at your list: On Monday when you decluttered your pantry, you also made a list of any pantry staples that need replenishing. On Wednesday you should have added to that list any cooking gadgets, utensils, and tools missing from your collection. Grab that list now and look it over!
  2. Restock ingredients: Did you throw away a bunch of rancid flour? Realize that vanilla extract bottle was totally empty? Head to the store today or this weekend and replenish your pantry. If you’d like some helping stocking your pantry from scratch, check out these posts → 1) Stocking a Healthier Pantry from Whole Foods for $99; 2) Stocking the Spice Cupboard and 3) How To Stock a Vegetarian or Vegan Pantry
  3. Get any utensils or gadgets you need: The whole point of clearing out your utensils and tools is to pare down to the essentials, so you may not have anything to buy here. But if you discovered that your cooking could really benefit from a mandoline, or that you need a slotted spoon, now’s the time to get it! For a list of what we consider essentials kitchen tools and gadgets, check out these guides → For tools: The Kitchn’s Guide to Essential Prep Tools & Utensils and The Kitchn’s Guide to Essential Cooking Tools and Utensils; For gadgets: The Top 10 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets and 10 Actually Useful Cooking Gadgets
  4. Do a quick 10-minute clean: Before you head into the weekend, take 10 minutes to quickly wipe down your stovetop.

Bonus Long Weekend Assignments

It’s Labor Day on Monday! This is a good weekend to catch up on The Kitchn Cure if you’ve fallen behind on the tasks. If you’re right on schedule, keep your cleaning momentum going with these TWO bonus assignments:

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