The $17 Sheet Pan Everyone Should Own, According to the Highly Opinionated Home Cook Behind The Kitchenista Diaries

published Oct 4, 2019
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Credit: EE Berger/Kitchn

As you may have learned from her Week of Dinners feature, Angela Davis has a lot of really strong food opinions that she’s not afraid to make crystal clear — especially on Twitter. In addition to never washing raw chicken, making Jiffy cornbread, or using margarine, Angela also firmly believes that you should never use any old cookie sheet for sheet pan dinner purposes, because doing so would just be blasphemous.

“I love my heavy-duty sheet pan. Don’t just use a regular cookie sheet — there’s a big difference in the way they perform,” she told us, in reference to her Nordic Ware baking sheets, which she swears by to make her fair share of sheet pan dinners over at her website, The Kitchenista Diaries.

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These baking sheets are made of rust-proof aluminum, and the rims are made of galvanized steel so you know that they won’t warp in a hot oven. Plus the Baker’s Big Sheet is 21 inches by 15 inches, which means that it’s big and sturdy enough to stand up to a substantial amount of ingredients (i.e., Angela’s famous Cajun butter roasted shrimp and pepper recipe.) Talk about heavy-duty!

Not to mention, we happen to know a lot of other experts who swear by Nordic Ware baking sheets too.

As if you needed any more information to up your sheet pan dinner game, Angela is coming in hot with another ingenious tip that you should probably apply to your life ASAP: “I put the pan in the oven while it preheats and then when I put the food on it, it starts sizzling right away,” she told us. You had us at sizzle. Especially if that means no more soggy frozen french fries, or subpar roasted Brussels sprouts ever again.

What kind of sheet pan do you use?