The Kitchen On The Road: España!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re taking this show on the road. Tomorrow we leave for a one-week press tour of Spain, organized by the Osborne group of wineries. I’ll be visiting wineries in Rioja, Toledo, and Sevilla, meeting winemakers and sampling the foods and wines (and lots of sherry) of each of these regions.

Armed with a new digital SLR body and a new lens (they, too, were stolen during our month of break-ins at home and the office), our laptop, an exit row, and hopefully lots of spittoons (sherry and pregnancy don’t mix that well), I’ll be gathering some inspiration for the blog, and for a formal story. Ideas? Questions? Leave them here.

I’ll send in dispatches as often as possible, but know you’re in good hands with our regular contributors, Nora, Patrick and Jen, plus Maxwell keeping his eye on it all.