The Key to Smooth, Creamy Hummus

(Image credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen)

A hallmark of great hummus is a smooth, creamy texture. And while there are plenty of recipes and methods out there to achieve this, there’s one ingredient in particular that I’d been completely overlooking. Do you know what it is?

It’s aquafaba!

For the uninitiated, aquafaba is simply the liquid you’re left with after cooking legumes like chickpeas. So whether you’re using canned chickpeas or cooking dried chickpeas from scratch, make sure to reserve some of the cooking liquid instead of draining it all out.

This basic hummus recipe relies on cold water and cold aquafaba to thin it out. That’s right — no olive oil needed. The author does include an additional recipe for homemade chili oil to drizzle over top, but it’s totally optional (although highly recommended).

Get the Recipe: Smooth Hummus Topped with Chili Oil from Lazy Cat Kitchen