The Jet Bag: A Diaper for the Wine In Your Luggage

updated May 24, 2019
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Wine is my favorite sort of edible souvenir. OK, maybe it’s my favorite souvenir, period. Nearly every time I travel I bring back a bottle of local wine. This is invariably a nerve-wracking experience, however, especially when traveling internationally. All wine has to go in checked luggage, so I spend ages swaddling it, wrapping it in laundry bags and triple layers of plastic wrap, crossing my fingers and hoping that it doesn’t break and soak through the entire bag. Well, this is a worry no more, with the Jet Bag — a sealed bag and diaper for your wine.

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Yes, I said diaper for your wine. The Jet Bag is a tall bag with a zip-lock closure. It’s made of thick plastic, and it has a padded, absorbent interior. This absorbent material is really like nothing so much as a disposable diaper, Huggies-esque.

This is a good thing, I suppose, given that diapers are designed to be absorbent and to soak up as much liquid as possible. This bag is designed with that in mind as well. If the padding fails to protect your wine (or olive oil, or liquor, or other contents of a fragile bottle) then the absorbent material will soak it right up.

I put this to the test on a recent flight. I stuffed several oddly shaped and fragile jars into one Jet Bag and put it in a suitcase that was then checked and jostled between several cabs and airplanes. All arrived safe and sound.

I did not, however, put the absorbent quality of the bag to the test. I do wonder about the zip-lock closure; it seems a little weak; would it really prevent liquid from leaking out? I would probably still always wrap a bottle in a Jet Bag in one more layer of plastic protection — an extra grocery or laundry bag, perhaps. But I certainly plan to take these reusable bags along with me on future trips. The padding and protection gives me just one extra layer of peace of mind, when I have a bottle of red wine in my luggage.

Find them: JetBag Padded Absorbent Bottle Bags, Set of 3, $7.99 at Amazon

Have you ever used a Jet Bag or a similar product? How do you make sure that wine and other fragile food items make it home in one piece?

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