On Meeting Jamie Oliver

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I met Jamie Oliver last week and it was a total thrill. Such a thrill that it didn’t even cross my mind to get photographic evidence for you.

Here’s Jamie and Martha Stewart at the taping of her At Martha’s Table show on Sirius Satellite, which was the reason the group of us journalists gathered last week in a big glass box to hear them chit chat. But believe me, I was there, at the hem of Jamie’s flannel shirt as they were snapping these pictures. And with limited time left, I was asked if I wouldn’t mind mind tucking into an elevator car with him to ride down to his waiting chariot — I mean SUV — and ask him one question. No problem.

You know how much we love his cookbooks: we are quick to review them, including his latest, Jamie at Home. Even if he weren’t a save-the-world genius, I’d still love him for his consistently downright brilliant recipes. But the catch is, he is saving the world, one meal at a time. And that’s what we hope to be doing too with The Kitchn.

So I asked him, is this a tall order? Turns out we agree: maybe, but he said you have to go with your skills and your passions, and in his cafe, those are both cooking. So there you go: there are at least two of us who think it can be done.

Any others out there? How will you change the world with food?

(image: Maro Hagopian)