The Jam Report: We Love Jam’s Apricot Jam

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brand: We Love Jam
Fruit: Blenheim apricot
Source Location: California

Rating: Extra Addictive

This jam is like honey made from fruit. It’s quite possibly the sweetest, richest jam we’ve ever tasted. We can definitely see why the mailing list for We Love Jam‘s endangered Blenheim apricot jam grew so quickly.

The first thing you notice when you open the jar is the fragrance. It’s intensely sweet and heady. Not to get all poetic or anything, but the bright golden color and sweet aroma make us think of fruit that’s ripened in hot summer sunshine. The taste is intense; in fact, we think it takes a little getting used to.

The Blenheim apricot has a perfumed, wild sweetness that is mostly bred out of the one-note apricots that make it into most jams these days. This jam does not have the more familiar tart flavor or jellied consistency of usual apricot jam. It’s very runny, with a rich, honey flavor that is really indescribable.

The We Love Jam website claims that people on diets have been known to eat an entire jar of this in one day! We can see why – so buy at your own risk. If you want a jam that will elevate your morning toast to something really special, check it out.

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