The Jam Report: TJ’s Prince of Denmark Strawberry

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brand: Trader Joe’s Prince of Denmark
Fruit: Strawberry
Location: Denmark

Rating: Good*

We love TJ’s, but we have yet to taste a jam of theirs that blows us away. After going through a jar of their Organic Raspberry a number of weeks ago, we started in on their Prince of Denmark Strawberry this week.

The results were not bad, but not great. The jam lacked body and was really quite runny for a whole berry jam. We like it more jammy, don’t you? Otherwise we’d buy jelly. On the sweetness meter too, we felt this could have been sweeter or had more tang like last week’s Duchy Originals. In short, this jam won’t offend and the natural ingredients will soothe the conscience, but it certainly won’t wake you up in the morning. This is a jam for use with peanut butter.

*Rating System: