The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Strange Pizza Topping

The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Strange Pizza Topping

Susmita Baral
Apr 6, 2017
Compartes Chocolate Dipped Peeps
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Remember when pineapple pizza caused an uproar and dipping pizza in milk was the source of internet outrage? Those were simpler times. The internet has found a new battle to fight in the grand ol' pizza war: Do melted Peeps belong on top of a pizza?

By Peeps, I'm referring to the candy. You know, the marshmallow-based treat shaped like a chick, rabbit, or other cuddly animal. Sold primarily in Canada and the United States around Easter, the confection is fluffy, sweet, and sugary.

It's certainly not the first thing that would come to mind when choosing a pizza topping.

But that's exactly what twitter user Austin Bran suggested with a picture of a pizza topped with melted sweet Peeps. Bran's tweet was captioned, "This > pineapple pizza," accompanied with an emoji with heart eyes.

And then, Twitter gave its unsolicited two cents on the creation, dubbed Peepza, and the feedback was neither sweet nor savory. Users didn't hold back to shame the idea of Peeps on pizza in the internet's true dramatic fashion.

It should be noted that Bran didn't share a picture he took himself; it was just a photo he found that he shared with personal commentary about where Peeps stood on the hierarchy of pizza toppings. That said, the picture exists, so someone out there has tried this non-traditional concoction.

While a bulk of the responses were negative, there are a few users who showed an open-minded outlook to the notion of a Peep-topped pizza on Twitter.

Others simply agreed that they'd take Peeps as a topping over pineapple.

You'd think the age-old ideology "to each their own" would be a fitting mantra in such times, but Bran has revealed that he's received a few death threats over the matter. Presumably from pizza traditionalists or Peep-phobic individuals.

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