Ill Effects: How Soda Pop Consumption Affects Your Body

published Aug 15, 2011
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We’ve talked quite extensively in the past about our love for the Soda Stream units that allow us to create our own fizzy beverages at home. Why do we love it so much? This explains a bit about about why we try to shy away from commercial soda products.

The folks over at Term Life Insurance are trying to make their customers aware of their food choices (since it obviously effects how much money they spend each year). There’s all sorts of complications that can arise and although they don’t focus on many specific ingredients and how they’re harmful, the general complications are still there.

In my own life, I’ve cut out all soda recently and have seen a significant improvement in the speed of weight loss. Has your family switched off drinking soda? Have you seen an improvement? We’re curious in the advantages you’ve seen in your own life, without the harassment of others who doesn’t yet share your viewpoint.

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