The IKEA Kitchen: HEAT Cork Trivets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Faith has been highlighting some of the great IKEA finds she’s using in her new kitchen, and we wanted to throw out another one we’re loving right now: HEAT cork trivets.

They’re cheap, naturally, but we have a couple of other reasons why they’re a favorite in our house…

In our experience, most trivets are made of metal. Some have little metal feet on the bottom, which means that this thing designed to protect our table from hot pots ends up clanging around and possibly scratching the table.

Also, we’re always furiously reaching for a trivet while already holding the hot (usually heavy) pot or platter of food, and metal trivets are harder to pick up and toss on the table with one hand. Instead, we frequently throw down a dishtowel for a soft landing.

The HEAT trivets are lightweight, easy to slide around, and make a nice cushion for our big dishes. And even under a fancy platter or alongside china, the cork fits right in- warm and neutral.

These are only available in IKEA stores, but you can see them here:

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(Image: Ikea)