The Homies: What Are the Best Home Blogs of 2008?

The Homies: What Are the Best Home Blogs of 2008?

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 22, 2008

There's awards for all sorts of blogs, but no one ever pays enough attention to the home blogs, so we're starting a little impromptu reader nominated and voted awards ceremony this year, and we're calling it The Homies. There are five categories and none of our five blogs is eligible (we're hosting). The prizes? $100 to the winner of each category and lots of traffic as we publish the five winners in a big congratulatory post across our network on January 6th. We want to elevate good home blogs, see who you love and gain awareness for the home niche.

• Home Decor & Design
• Home Cooking & Food
• Kid's Design @ Home
• Home Technology
• Green Home Ideas

How it works: We'll collect nominations for the best blogs in these categories all this week, LOOK FOR THE DEDICATED POSTS LATER TODAY, we choose the top six contenders, and then you all vote your heads off next week. We'll all know who our readers LOVE the best by the time voting closes on January 5th. More questions? Head below for FAQ's...

Who is eligible?

• Any blog, amateur and professional in the homespace in the five categories listed above.
• AT blogs are not eligible.

What is the homespace?

• It's the media space dedicated to folks who love their homes, and it concerns decor, cooking, entertaining, raising kids, working at home and a whole host of green issues. We're willing to think broadly, but, remember, we're not concerned with are things like cars, restaurants, the stock market and Hollywood gossip.

How many blogs can I nominate?

• Only one in each of our five categories. Of course, you may want to do more, but make it easier for all of us and give us your top choice only.

Where do I nominate them?

• Simply put each of your nominations into the comments in each of the five dedicated posts that will be running all of this week on our five sites: Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, Ohdeedoh, Unplggd and Re-Nest. These will also be linked above.

• Home Decor & Design nominations on • Home Cooking & Food nominations on • Kid's Design @ Home nominations on • Home Technology nominations on • Green Home nominations on

When do we vote?

• After a week of nominations, we'll collect up all your comments on the five individual posts and sort them down to the top six contenders. The, on Monday, January 29th we'll post a voting survey of these top six and repost it all week so that you have plenty of time to see it and vote. With one week of nominating and one week of voting, we should have a good turnout.

Can we vote more than once?

• Not in any one survey, but you certainly can vote in all five surveys.

Can we encourage our friends to vote (for us)

• Yes. Not only can't we stop it, we know that the web is a community and word of mouth is how it works.

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