The Homies 2013 Need You!

The Homies 2013 Need You!

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 16, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, our fifth annual Homies Awards will be kicking off in two weeks on Friday, February 1st, but before we get there, I want to do something totally new. I'd like to invite you to redesign the Homies logo. What I'm looking for is a brand new interpretation of the logo that I've been redrawing for the last few years. Want to make your mark? Go the design brief below...(Note: in an effort to be fair to all of our professional design readers, I've added some more info below).

Homies 2013 Design Brief

I always admired how MTV used to riff off of their logo back in the day, while keeping the basic font styles intact. I've been drawing this basic handmade logo since 2009 (below) and would do it again, but thought it would be much more interesting and in the spirit of our sites to invite a reader to do it. We'll pay for the winning design and link to the creator on every post in credit for the image, which should be a very nice shout out.

The 2008-2011 Sketches

I didn't like this first one as it was too sterile...

Handmade style began with intentional smudging to cut against the dry digital landscape and the house appeared for the first time

The Homies got bigger and the house disappeared...

Last year's design was a new approach and was one of three I drew with a pencil (see below)

I'd like to take submissions for a new interpretation of the basic font and house design, and I'd really like it to feel HANDMADE. Beyond that, it can be anything.

So, keep the FONT and HOUSE STYLE.
Keep it HANDMADE in feeling.

In Return

In return, we'll pay you the fair price you ask and provide link credit across the contest.

- It's open to anyone, but we can't pay for the submissions
- This is particularly geared to amateurs!
- PLEASE don't submit if you feel that this is uncomfortable for you, particularly professionals!

Design Elements

Three separate pieces and a fourth image of how they go together:

  • "The Homies"

  • "2013"

  • Little House Image

Please submit hi-res images at least 800 pixels wide to Maxwell @ apartmenttherapy dot com by next Tuesday, January 22. Please put HOMIES LOGO in the subject line and include your:

  • Name
  • Town where you live
  • Link to your blog, site or anything that people can use to find you (or email if you like)
  • Price you would like to charge for your design

Thanks in advance and bring it on!

Best, Maxwell

New York City, January 2013

2012 Sketches

You can pull the basic font structure from these...
moving--truck moving--dates moving--dolly moving--house moving--cal Created with Sketch. moving--apt