Holiday Cookie Platter: What Are Your Must-Have Cookies?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Gingerbread men, nut horns, frosted sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles, peppermint candy cane cookies, those cocoa ones with the cherry in the middle whose name I can never remember. I love them all, equally and without reservation. I’d make them all if I could, too! What holiday cookies do you absolutely have to have every December? Any new ones this year?

I grew up in a house with a mother who, by her own admission, always went a little crazy with making holiday cookies. From the weekend after Thanksgiving through to Christmas, there was always a platter filled with every kind of cookie on the kitchen table. Some she made every year, like the Scandinavian peppermint cookies and the sugar wafers sandwiched with red and green frosting. Others she would make on a whim because a recipe looked irresistible.

I had my favorites, but what I really loved was the sheer variety. At no other time of the year did my brother and I have such a choice of sugary desserts. We were allowed to pick just one after dinner, and I remember agonizing over my decision for long minutes before finally picking that evening’s cookie.

Which holiday cookies do you make year after year?