This Online Shop You’ve Never Heard of Has Loads of Quirky (and Useful) Kitchen Gadgets—and They’re 20% Off Today Only

updated Sep 18, 2019
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As much as we love Target, Anthro, Etsy, IKEA, and Amazon, there are other retailers in the world. Obviously. So we like to call out new ones and ones that you might not have heard of whenever we can. Hence this post about The Grommet! If you’re not familiar, The Grommet is an online shop that focuses on products that are unique, innovative, and useful. It’s got a whole kitchen and bar section with all sorts of fun gadgets that are as practical as they are surprising. And since today is National Thank You Day, they’re offering 20% off all orders (use code THANKS at checkout).

We figured, beyond telling you about the site, we should call out some of the coolest, most fun kitchen finds on there. And here goes.

Credit: The Grommet

1. Corn Butter Knife

Anyone who has ever tried to use a regular butter knife to butter corn knows that there’s a need for this. It’s angled so that the butter HUGS the cob as it gets spread around!

Buy: Corn Butter Knife, $14 for two

Credit: The Grommet

2. Adjustable Storage Containers

Ever pull out one container, only to realize halfway through filling it, that what you’re putting in won’t fit? That probably won’t happen with these containers, which expand and collapse as needed. The best part: As you press the lid down, air gets forced out so that your food stays nice and fresh.

Buy: Adjustable Storage Containers, $50 for four

Credit: The Grommet

3. Cookie Dipper

Lovers of sandwich cookies, rejoice! You can finally dunk your cookies in milk without soaking your fingers!

Buy: Cookie Dipper, $12 for four

Credit: The Grommet

4. Silicone Stretch Lids

Think of these silicone lids as reusable plastic wrap (that won’t get all bunched up on itself!). They stretch to two to three times their size, and are safe for the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

Buy: Silicone Stretch Lids, $17 for five

Credit: The Grommet

5. Reusable Shopping Cart Bags

While $30 may seem like a lot to spend on shopping bags (especially if you already have a cabinet full of reusable tote bags), know that one of our writers is totally obsessed with this sort of setup. See, the bags get sprawled out in the cart and they make it really easy to keep your cold stuff, pantry items, and other groceries all separated — making unloading extra easy.

Buy: Reusable Shopping Cart Bags, $30

Credit: The Grommet

6. Drawer Organizer Starter Kit

Here we have a non-slip, silicone mat (which you cut down to perfectly fit the size of your drawer) and 15 reposition-able “Divitz” (that stick to the mat and hold your tools in place). You can rearrange the pieces as you acquire (or get rid of) tools.

Buy: Drawer Organizer Starter Kit, $30

Credit: The Grommet

7. Flexible Wood Cutting Board

Want the best of both worlds? A wood cutting board that’s also flexible for easy ingredient funneling? This board gives you that! It’s got a real hardwood veneer and a food-grade silicone backing, so you can bend it to direct your chopped mise en place into a pot.

Buy: Flexible Wood Cutting Board, $30

Credit: The Grommet

8. Bagel Storage Container

Get a baker’s dozen of bagels and you’ll be able to safe the leftovers for a decent few days without them going stale. It holds up to six bagels and can go in the freezer, too.

Buy: Bagel Storage Container, $13

Credit: The Grommet

9. Food Dividers

For families with picky eaters, these little dividers will keep peas from rolling into the mashed potatoes. They’ll even keep condiments from running into each other.

Buy: Food Dividers, $15 for two

Credit: The Grommet

10. Guacamole Preservation Container

No one wants to eat brown guacamole! Which is where this container comes in. You spoon your homemade guac in, and push the bottom up. That’ll get rid of the air and push the guac up against the lid. Refrigerate the whole thing and then, when you go to eat it, you’ll have some green guac waiting for you.

Buy: Guacamole Preservation Container, $20

Have you heard of The Grommet? If so, have you bought anything from the site before? What was it?