The Great Stuffing Debate: Pepperidge Farm vs. All the Rest

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes, you’ve got to let things go. For instance, if you’re set on convincing your family that homemade stuffing can rock way more than anything in a bag: let it go. If you have a competition with said family and a blind taste test and you end up losing: it’s time to let it go. If you keep coming back thinking this could be the year it all changes, it’s really time to let it go.

Last year on The Kitchn, I wrote about my family’s Stuffing Smackdown. It was the first annual, and it turned out to be the one and only. The gist of the competition was this: I would make homemade stuffing, my mom would make the only stuffing she deems acceptable (Pepperidge Farm) and we’d have a blind taste test. She won. By a landslide. And truth be told, it wasn’t half bad.

But my dad’s was always better. My parents are divorced now, so my sisters and I often do Thanksgiving with my dad on Friday and his stuffing is always the star of the meal. So I decided to ask him his secrets and sure enough: it’s Pepperidge Farm doctored up with a little leek and mushrooms. Fine. I give up.

With all of the different elements involved in putting together a holiday meal, is it really necessary to make homemade cornbread stuffing when what people really want is the traditional bagged stuffing that has become a delicious standard year after year? We’re going bagged stuffing all the way this year. And I’ll admit it: I’ll be smiling

(Image: Flickr member roland licensed for use under Creative Commons)