The Great Komatsuna Resurrection: Greens in Water!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a great little tip from Lauren at VeganYumYum: Resurrect wilted fresh greens by plunking them in a glass of water. We knew that this worked, but this series of images captures it dramatically!

Lauren of VeganYumYum says that she forgot to put away this bunch of komatsuna the night before, but a good dunking in a glass of water freshened the leaves right up.

So if you get a wilted bunch of greens in your CSA this spring, now you know what to do.

This reminds us: Have you ever tried komatsuna? It’s growing in the garden right now, and it’s one of our new favorite greens. It’s deliciously mustard-like, but not too spicy. Just pleasantly sharp and complex.

(Image: Flickr user teenytinyturkey used with permission.)