The Magazine Personality Test: What Your Favorite Food Magazine Says About You

published Apr 8, 2014
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Whether you’ve been a subscriber for years, or just snatch the latest issue off the rack at the grocery store, your favorite food magazine is a special treat. Don’t lie. But what is it that speaks to you the most? Is it the gorgeous photos of food, the recipes, or the vivid writing? Every magazine has its strong points, and these attributes can say a lot about you as a fan or subscriber.

So don’t be shy –– what’s your favorite food magazine? Make your choice, then read on to see what that says about you.

Bon Appétit

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You’re always on the cutting edge of what’s cool, but have a traditional, sometimes conservative backbone that guides your day-to-day life. You most likely have a lot of friends, and enjoy extravagant parties more than quiet nights at home. You love to travel, but don’t do it as much as you’d like.

Food & Wine

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You are always looking for your next adventure. You don’t like to choose favorites in things –– friends, cities, food ––– instead you embrace everything with open arms. Your ideal day involves being outside, with a grill, good friends, and maybe a well-priced white wine (definitely not expensive).

Cooking Light

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You’re a busy-body (the good kind)! A smart, capable person who is always on the go, whether with kids (you’re a family person) or your job. People love to be around you because you’re very comforting and giving. Remember to always treat yourself well.


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You have a deep, illustrious soul with a never-ending need for travel. Even though you never stay in one place for too long, and you have many important relationships around the world. You will end up living by the ocean, in a small Virginia Woolf-esque house with a few pets and your loved ones.

Every Day with Rachael Ray

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You’re a hard-working person, always looking out for the best deals for you and your family. Genius shortcuts are your best friend, as your Pinterest boards clearly show. Your colleagues at work often under-estimate your capabilities, but whenever you go on vacation they feel your absence.

Fine Cooking

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You’re an old soul, with a sophisticated outlook on life. While you are more poised and refined than your peers, you are a warm and kind person. You like spending time at home for the most part, and enjoy being by the water for vacation.

Cook’s Illustrated

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You care deeply for others around you (and the correct way to butterfly a chicken). You will retire to the country and wear beautiful English galoshes while gardening.

Gourmet (RIP)

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You’re a very stubborn person –– you refuse to let go of the past or any grudges. Listen: You are totally beautiful, and everyone loves you, but there are other fish in the sea. Either step up to the bat, or move on, my friend.

Food Network Magazine

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You are loud, proud, and totally in charge. You have a lot of energy and want to spend it doing all your favorite things all the time. You love easy entertaining at home with your family, but also like dancing the night away with your friends. You’re going places my friend, just don’t forget to breathe!

Edible Communities

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You’re a relaxed person with deep connections to nature. You love your community more than anything else, and love volunteering to make it a better place. You have many people in your life you consider “family” –– your biological kin, your friends, your animals, and the earth. You are very loving.

Lucky Peach

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In high school you were that cool kid in the corner of class who was secretly brilliant. You didn’t do your homework, but somehow knew everything anyway. You probably do yoga, live in a city, and own a one-speed bike (but you don’t actually use it). You’ll have many lovers in your life, and at some point you will own a cat.

Cherry Bombe

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You are a strong, beautiful person. You are very respected among your friends, and you’re not scary or mean in the slightest. In middle school you you might have been picked on a bit for your crazy outfits and goofy jokes, but your quirkiness and sense of humor are appreciated (even celebrated!) as you get older. Stay true to yourself and you will go far.

Sweet Paul

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You have so much joy and laughter to give the world. You enjoy small projects you can get done in a day that add charm and character to all aspects of your life. On any given night of the week, you like throwing spontaneous dinner parties for a close group of friends. You don’t take things too seriously and always have fun whatever you do.


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You are elusive and shrouded in mystery. Although often quiet in new social settings, your friends know you as generous and festive. You probably grew up somewhere with wide open fields and dark woods. You own an incredible wardrobe with immaculate clothing. You don’t like bright colors and screaming babies.

Gather Journal

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You are an artist that finds something beautiful in everyday things. As a kid your were scolded in art class for not following the rules, but now this “color-outside-the-lines” attitude has led you to new, wonderful projects to which you’ve dedicated your life. You are a loner at heart, but have a few close friends who live in the same city as you.


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You are kinda weird, but most everyone loves you for your oddities. You love to tell stories, especially those with deep historical or cultural implications. Your passionate and adventurous soul makes you a great conversationalist. People want to listen to you –– so go ahead, be aggressive and unending in your pursuits!


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You are smart, and not afraid to speak your mind. In grad school you wrote a very controversial thesis just to stir the pot. Your teachers and friends love you endlessly. In your spare time you enjoy long runs and making your own beer.

What’s your favorite food magazine?