The Fastest, No Bake Party Food: Popcorn!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It was a few hours before the Super Bowl, and I was making kale chips to bring to a party. I’d made the chips plenty of times before and, thinking of how nice it would be to bring two batches, decided to crack up the heat ever so slightly. Fast forward to burnt kale chips, less than 30 minutes before the game with nothing to bring. Hello party saver: Popcorn!

It was this caramel corn recipe in particular that saved the day (thanks, Emma!) and I realized how many other times I’d been in a pinch and opted to buy a last minute dish.

Next time you’re in a jam, or just want to save yourself a few minutes (or hours!) prepping a fun appetizer, look to these brilliant popcorn recipes:

What’s your favorite popcorn recipe?

(Images: Stephanie Barlow; Faith Durand)