The Essentials of Dinner Etiquette, Illustrated!

The Essentials of Dinner Etiquette, Illustrated!

Faith Durand
Apr 12, 2012

Most of us know the essentials of dinner table etiquette: Wait until everyone is served to take the first bite, sit up straight. Here are these essentials, plus a few more that may not be as well known, illustrated so charmingly!

These illustrations are by Gemma Correll for the blog Cup of Jo. She illustrates some very cute tips, like the fact that salt and pepper should be passed as a pair (they're married!) and a funny way to remember how to sit in your chair.

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One thing I like about seeing these tips illustrated in such a friendly fashion is that they help you remember the real point of good etiquette — not to be extra "correct" or stuffy in a posh way, but to be comfortable and to help others feel the same.

Putting the bread plate on the left and the drinking glasses on the right, for instance, may sound like a specification right out of Downton Abbey's butler handbook, but it's very practical. When you know where your plate and glasses are, you never have to worry about accidentally sipping out of your neighbor's instead.

Were any of these tips new to you? I certainly had never heard the cat and mouse tip for sitting in your chair!

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(Images: Gemma Correll for Cup of Jo)

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