The Epic Fritter Fail & 3 Recipes To Try For Guests

The Epic Fritter Fail & 3 Recipes To Try For Guests

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 13, 2011

A few weeks ago I came across a delicious and easy looking recipe for apple fritters with fresh glazing. I dashed into the kitchen and started mixing. Dreams of mini apple fritter donuts were swirling through my head and then, just like that the tears started flowing.

Ok, so I didn't really cry, but I was really sad. The anticipation of a fresh apple fritter is bad enough but it's worse when you don't get any. PSYCH. Do we still say psych? I am. I'm old school like that. The recipe I had set out to make was this one from Seemingly Greek. Unlike many fritter recipes out there, this one produced fritters that looked like the mini version of my favorite donuts from the local shop. It had rave reviews and had been all over the internet. For whatever reason, mine just didn't work out.

The middles weren't cooking, so I turned up the heat. Then the outsides burned. I made the balls of batter smaller, flatter and in every shape I could think of to get them to cook. No dice. The only thing I can determine is that the recipe I used called for baking soda instead of powder so the reaction times or combining with the vinegar might have been off. So I'll be hitting the fritter pavement again soon, but here's 3 recipes I'm taking a look at. The idea of frying up fresh fritters for guests gathered in your kitchen is an appealing one. Do you have one I should see? let me know in the comments below!

Apple Fritters from The Pioneer Woman
Apple Fritters with Bourbon Ice Cream from Epicurious
Apple Fritters from Cooking With My Kid

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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