6 Easy Easter Eggs That Will Make You Look Like a Creative Genius

6 Easy Easter Eggs That Will Make You Look Like a Creative Genius

Caylin Harris
Mar 19, 2018
Do something surprising (and surprisingly easy!) to your Easter eggs this year!
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An afternoon of decorating Easter eggs using something beyond the standard dye kit usually calls for a lot of supplies — and creativity and effort. If that combination of things doesn't seem to be in the cards this year, consider making some of these simple eggs. They've all got that wow-factor you're looking for and require very little fuss.

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1. Eggs + Felt = Dragon Eggs

Winter is coming … no, not really, because it's springtime. But for you Game of Thrones fans anticipating the eighth season (in 2019!), you can hold yourselves over by decorating your Easter eggs to look like they came straight from a dragon.

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2. Eggs + Dye + Stickers = Produce Lookalikes

You just need a bunch of those stickers that go on lemons, apples, oranges, and the like. You'll simply put those stickers on already-dyed eggs to make them look like cheeky versions of the real things. How about them apples?

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3. Eggs + Letter Stickers + Markers = Confetti Eggs

Colorful and easy to do, the only craft skill you need for this one is the ability to wield a marker and make dots. We're guessing you can do that.

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4. Eggs + Temporary Tattoos = Intricately "Painted" Eggs

"However did you paint something so beautifully intricate?" friends and family members may ask you when they see these eggs. You don't even have to tell them the truth, if you don't want. Your secret is safe with us. The secret, of course, being that you didn't paint anything — you just used temporary tattoos.

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5. Brown Eggs + White Paint Pen = Minimalist Eggs

White eggs get all the love this time of year. Actually, all the times of the year! But the brown variety deserves some attention too, as they can make for some extremely striking Easter eggs. Just look at these! Cute, right? They took just a few minutes from start to finish and we only needed one thing to make them: a white paint pen.

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6. Eggs + Cool Whip + Food Coloring = Marbleized Eggs

We can't get enough marble. Marble countertops? Yes! Marble cheeseboards? Gimme! Marble canisters! We'll take three. Heck, we even swoon over colors that are swirled around to look like marble! And so explains our reason for doing these DIY marbled Easter eggs.

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Which ones are you excited to make?

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