Normann Copenhagen’s Wall Pockets Are the Easiest Way to Add Storage to a Small Kitchen

updated May 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Normann Copenhagen)

Even though my kitchen is large by New York City standards, we’ve faced the challenge of not having very much storage space. When I first moved in, we had two small cabinets for the dishes, plus the area under the sink and the open shelving under our counter. We’ve added a lot of cabinets and shelves, but we’ve also focused a lot on vertical space.

When you’re dealing with a small kitchen (or any small room, really) thinking tall can really expand your space. That’s why we’re excited about these new wall pockets from Normann Copenhagen.

(Image credit: Normann Copenhagen)

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can organize in these plastic pockets. The smaller sizes are perfect for utensils you use often, or even small spice jars. You can hang them near your cooking area, or hang a few above the sink for all your cleaning supplies.

(Image credit: Normann Copenhagen)

And they are easy to hang. They have a small plastic piece that mounts to the wall, then the pocket locks into that as shown in the photo above. This also means that they are easy to clean — an important feature if you’re keeping cooking tools or even dishes in them.

(Image credit: Normann Copenhagen)

The pockets themselves come in six different colors and four different sizes. All of the small pockets cost $17.50 each and the large ones cost $35. They are perfect for mixing and matching, and because they are sold individually, you can decide exactly which ones you need for your kitchen.

Personally, I would love to free up some counter space in our kitchen by replacing our utensil crocks with a couple of the large pockets. Right now, I’m constantly moving the crocks to have enough space when I’m rolling out pasta dough or doing something else that requires the full counter.

(Image credit: Normann Copenhagen)

Of course, my favorite way might be to use it for a living wall herb garden in the kitchen. Not only will you save space, but you’ll have a beautiful art installation as well.

How would you use these in your kitchen?