The Diner-Approved Method for Your Ultimate Summer Milkshake

updated May 1, 2019
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There’s a whole lot to love about an old-fashioned diner — the extra-fluffy pancakes, the greasy hamburgers, and the crispy home fries — but perhaps the best part are the milkshakes.

A diner milkshake isn’t just any ol’ milkshake; it’s arguably a superior milkshake, and that’s because they do this one special thing.

A Shot of Syrup = A Jolt of Flavor

The secret to a diner milkshake is the shot of syrup added to the mix when blending the ice cream and milk.

Add a shot of vanilla syrup to a vanilla milkshake and it boosts its vanilla flavor like crazy. The same thing goes for chocolate — it becomes 100 percent more chocolatey and delicious than if it was made only with chocolate ice cream. Or add a squeeze of chocolate syrup to a vanilla ice cream-based milkshake and you’ve got a black-and-white shake. (The ideal option for those of us who just can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla.)

Strawberry syrup can also make a strawberry milkshake tastier, but I like a spoonful of strawberry jam for an even richer, more authentic strawberry boost.

So the next time you’re blending up a milkshake at home, take a page from the diner rule book and add a shot of flavored syrup to the mix. Not only will it boost the flavor, but you’ll also be instantly transported back to that sticky booth at your favorite spot.