These Are the Countries That Drink the Most To-Go Coffee

published Aug 15, 2017
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Coffee consumption is on the rise around the world. In fact, the demand for coffee is being attributed to two factors: millennials are chugging more java and more countries are adopting a caffeine fix.

“Coffee demand is robust and growing at about 1.5 percent per annum,” Carlos Mera Arzeno, a commodities analyst with Rabobank International in London, tells The Washington Post.

But not all countries consume coffee equally. Research from NPD and CREST has found interesting trends about coffee intake around the globe.

For example, nations like the U.S. and Canada are big on “grab-and-go” coffee, as nearly half of all coffee orders are to-go ones. Meanwhile, as nations like Japan and South Korea get increasingly more westernized, their consumption of coffee is rising. Then there’s Europe — southern European nations (like Spain and Italy) are less likely to order to-go coffee.

The leaders for to-go coffee orders are Japan, U.S., and Canada. The top three are followed by Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Brazil, and China. The bottom two nations of the top 12 list are Spain and Italy, which make up for 3 percent of the total worldwide consumption. It should be noted, however, that without per capita data, population isn’t taken into account.

Here’s hoping there’s enough bean juice for everyone in the world.

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