Here’s Why the Costco Food Court Is the Perfect First Date Spot

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Costco is an excellent place to buy pumpkin pies and olive oil, but it’s probably not the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of romance. It should be, though, because Costco is very romantic. There’s lots of good food and diamond engagement rings, and the presence of all the sample stations means it’s basically a giant, free tapas bar. Now one Twitter user has made a case for why Costco is the ideal first date location, and he’s absolutely right.

A Twitter user going by Alex McMullen laid out the logic of Costco as a first date location, and the internet is loving it. McMullen’s original tweet has been liked more than 52,000 times and retweeted more than 24,000 times. People love Costco, and it sounds like they might even be willing to go on a date there.

McMullen’s logic for using Costco as a first date location starts with the idea that the Costco date is a good compatibility test right out the gate: “If they are not down to eat at a Costco food court with you they are not worth your time.”

If a date does agree to go to Costco, McMullen thinks they’ll have a good time. Costco’s food court is famous for its hot dogs and pizza. They’re very good, and nothing is going to be a better deal.

After eating hot dogs and soda at the indoor picnic tables, you can just sit and talk for several hours — Costco isn’t going to kick you out just because you stopped eating.

That would also be a good time to leave the food court and start browsing the aisles. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, there are samples to enjoy, and the shelves are full of great conversation starters like, “What is your favorite kind of pie?” and “Boy, that’s a lot of vitamins.”

Costco is always full of old married couples doing cute things like trying on hats or testing out the lawn furniture, and that’s enough to give any new couple warm, fuzzy feelings and visions of a lifetime of Costco trips together. Maybe you’ll even get married there, and

you wouldn’t be the first

Would you be down for a date at Costco?