The Cookbook Personality Test: What Your Cookbook Organization Style Says About You

published Apr 21, 2015
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Owning too many cookbooks is as much a joy as it is a burden. You have incredible recipes right at your fingertips, but you also have to figure out how to store and organize these beautiful friends. What’s your strategy? Do you arrange by author, subject matter, color — or something else entirely? This is a deeply personal decision, and it can tell you a lot about someone as a cook and person.

We want to know: How do you organize your cookbook collection? Read on to learn what this says about you.

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You organize your cookbooks by…

1. Color.

You have a joyful, illustrious soul. You prefer to live a thoughtful, beautiful life rather than one of pure reason. Experimenting in the kitchen is your strength, and you especially love cooking new things for the people you love. You have a job in a creative field, and love animals.

2. Author’s last name

You’re the A+ student who sticks to the books. You’ve dabbled in library sciences and once considered a career as an archivist. You just like things neat and orderly, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You keep a clean, organized kitchen and always practice good mise en place. You named your childhood pet after a Star Wars character.

3. Subject matter.

You are a well-rounded individual with a love of knowledge. You love perusing Reddit and Wikipedia and soaking up information. You have good intuition, and are very personable. You’re also the champion of weeknight dinners. You’ve never said no to a great pasta recipe or a simple stir-fry.

4. Cookbook size.

You are a design-forward person with a knack for fashion. You love architecture and stylish walking shoes. You dream of a home with tall ceilings and large bookcases, with a walk-in closet to hold all your clothes. You take care of the things you own.

5. How often you use the cookbook.

You are a loyal friend with a great memory. You never forget a face or birthday. Your secret obsession is bad reality TV, specifically The Bachelor. You like having themed dinner parties with friends on Saturday nights.

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6. Geographic specialty.

You are a giving person who loves to travel. These things go hand-in-hand, as your friends have acquired many a knick-knack from all around the world. You live in a quiet home, but it’s filled with all types of interesting masks, rugs, and kitchen gadgets from your travels. You hate when people ask you what your favorite cuisine is, because it’s just too hard to choose!

7. When the cookbook was published.

You are incredibly nostalgic and sentimental. You remember when your mom gave you your second cookbook in high school, and you’ll never forget that recipe for spaghetti that your first boyfriend made you on your third date. You’ve kept a diary for as long as you can remember.

8. The cookbooks’ coolness factor.

You are a socialite. You love having elaborate parties at your place where you insist everyone brings their own booze. You live in a big one-bedroom apartment in LA or New York. When you’re not at the gym, you love going to coffee shops and putting Infinite Jest on the table to see if anyone good-looking will talk to you. You prefer going out to eat versus actually cooking.

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9. Wherever, however they will fit.

You are quirky and creative. Some people might call you messy, but you’re just a lover of things. You love going to antique shows and perusing old book stores. You care deeply for your friends and family, but sometimes come off as aloof because you’re a little in your own head. Your favorite recipe involve lots of stirring and spices.

10. You don’t own cookbooks. You only use online recipes.

You are a minimalist that insists on purpose in all aspects of life. You probably live in a smaller apartment with your significant other and a cat. Your home is high-tech, with internet speeds that make your neighbors jealous. You have lots of gadgets in your home, and are really into the idea of sous vide right now.

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