The Container Store’s One Day Sale Has Everything You Need To Get Your Kitchen Organized for the New Year

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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

What’s that old saying about a cluttered house and a cluttered mind? Well, as 2020 comes to a close, we could all certainly use some decluttering, and The Container Store is here to help! Their Cyber Wednesday deal (meaning today only!) features 20 percent off storage items, which they know a lot about. They have finds for refrigerators, pantries, cabinets, something for every nook and cranny to keep your house decluttered — and hopefully your mind as well. So check out some of their amazing organizing ideas. Your 2021 self will thank you.

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Are your fridge drawers just not cutting it? Try these and you'll finally have a spot for everything. They're clear, durable, and have integrated handles so you can see, store, and reach everything with ease. They're also stackable and fit into counter-depth refrigerators.

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The Container Store

There's nothing lazy about this! Finally organize all those random condiment bottles that have no home. The dividers are removable, so you can make room for that bottle that never quite fits. Plus, no matter where you put the bottles, you can just swivel the turntable to find what you're looking for.

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Admit it, cereal is just as good for an anytime snack as it is for breakfast. These containers will keep your stash fresh and are large enough to hold two regular-sized boxes or one big bulk buy. Plus the tapered handle makes pouring mess free.

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Perfect for pantries, cabinets, or closets, these versatile storage baskets come in three sizes, so everything can be tucked away. The optional bamboo lids make them stackable, and they nest together when not in use. Ventilated holes and handles offer a peek of what's inside, but there is an optional tag available, so get that dry-erase marker ready.

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Shopping in bulk is amazing until you get home and can't figure out how to store your score. These stacking wire baskets are the perfect pantry solution, available in five sizes to suit any needs. The flat base is shelf friendly, and the matte black metal will stylishly display your loot on the counter as well if your pantry is full (or non-existent!).

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Speaking of stylish countertops, these environmentally friendly bamboo storage bins are natural beauties to help tidy up your kitchen space. Ideal for kitchen towels, small utensils, or jars of goodies, the bins have thick sides and a raised base to keep everything secure and organized.

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So your fridge is organzed now, but what about your freezer? These bins help sort frozen meals, bags of steamable veggies, and include a removable divider to keep that quart of ice cream in reach. Sized to fit standard freezers, they are also stackable if you're lucky enough to have more freezer depth in your model.

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What else do you have left to organize? There's always something random sitting around, and that's where these plastic storage bins come in handy. Tuck those extra supplies away and keep your counters free from clutter with these super affordable and adaptable bins. Sturdy and slim, they're great for any room in your home.