Double Your Kitchen Storage Space With These Clever Essentials From The Container Store’s Customer Favorites Sale

updated Jul 13, 2020
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We’re huge fans of The Container Store, but we admit that sifting through their zillion solutions and storage options can get a tad overwhelming. Fortunately, they’ve narrowed down the very best solutions for common household clutter based on customer favorites. And besides being pre-vetted and approved by fellow shoppers, they’re also on sale! From now through August 16, you can score up to 30 percent off everything from low-key storage bins to organizing racks to food containers. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals below, all of which are guaranteed to help you tackle some of your most frustrating organization and storage challenges. Note that shipping may be delayed due to added safety procedures, but if you simply can’t wait, many locations are offering contactless curbside pickup. Just make sure to select your closest store before you start shopping!

1. ProKeeper Baker’s Storage (set of 6)

If, like me, you’ve been baking a lot more than usual, you’ve probably had plenty of time to assess how your baking supplies are organized. Wild guess…they’re not. Same! It’s time to ditch the leaking bags of flour and sugar and transfer your dry ingredients to this set of six transparent, air-tight storage containers. Each is sized to fit a standard bag of flour, sugar, brown sugar and common baking ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts or sprinkles. While certain containers have special features like a shaker lid or built-in measuring spoon, the coolest one has to be the soakable terra cotta disc that keeps brown sugar from clumping!

Buy: ProKeeper Baker’s Storage (set of 6), $45 (normally $60)

2. Expandable Bamboo Utensil Tray

This expandable utensil tray is one of our favorite organization hacks and totally worth snagging during a sale. Made from durable bamboo, it measures 18 inches deep, making it perfect for organizing flatware or kitchen tools. Depending on your drawers, you can keep it collapsed into three sections or pull the ends out to create a fourth or fifth tray. It can be expanded from 13 to 22 inches wide, and hint: You can even orient the tray so the sections run horizontally!

Buy: Expandable Bamboo Utensil Tray, $24 (normally $30)

3. Lynk Chrome Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers

Deep, cavernous under-counter storage spaces can be an absolute pain to access and often become a catch-all for miscellaneous appliances and cookware. This sleek rack makes the most of these awkward spaces, and since it slides out smoothly on a track, you won’t have to strain to reach items. Made from chrome-plated stainless steel with a thick edge, the rack comes in four sizes so you can use one under a narrow bathroom sink or for a wide kitchen cabinet. The durable construction won’t bend under heavy items, making it ideal for storing stand mixers, food processors or Dutch ovens.

Buy: Lynk Chrome Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers, starts at $35 (normally $45)

4. Bamboo Deep Drawer Organizers

There’s something magical about transforming a cluttered drawer into a streamlined, organized space without using a single tool. This sturdy bamboo organizer expands or contracts depending on your needs. Once you set it up, every single jar, tool or utensil will have its own designated spot, and you’ll never have to spend an extra second rummaging through a kitchen drawer ever again.

Buy: Bamboo Deep Drawer Organizers, $24 (normally $30)

5. Lynk Chrome Pull-Out Lid Holder

Despite their low profile, lids can be one of the trickiest kitchen items to store. This pull-out lid holder has three sections to help corral lids, cutting boards and other flat items like sheet pans or pizza peels, so they’re easy to grab. Depending on your space, you can pair two side-by-side, or combine the lid holder with Lynk’s versatile pull-out cabinet drawers and create your ideal storage situation!

Buy: Lynk Chrome Pull-Out Lid Holder, $38 (normally $50)

6. iDesign Linus Divided Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans aren’t just fun to spin around (although they really are!), they’re also one of the best ways to make use of back corners in cabinets or shelving. This divided 11-inch Lazy Susan is roomy enough to help you store and easily view bottles of condiments, oils or dressings in a pantry or kitchen cabinet. The clear plastic also protects shelves from sticky drips or spills.

Buy: iDesign Linus Divided Lazy Susan, $20 (normally $25)

7. 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf

The only thing more annoying than not being able to find a specific spice for a recipe is buying said spice, and then finding it buried in the back of your cabinet. This expanding spice shelf makes use of vertical space with three tiers so you can easily view all of your spices. And, since it expands, it can grow with your spice collection. Never again will you buy a duplicate spice.

Buy: 3-Tier Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf, $24 (normally $30)

8. iDesign Linus Deep Drawer Bins

Keep items in your pantry, fridge or cabinets neat and tidy with these deep drawer bins. Each end of the durable transparent bins has a handle to make it easy to grip and pull out to grab whatever it is you’re storing. Available in three sizes, they’re great for keeping snack pouches, boxes of pasta and canned goods organized. Because when you know what you have on hand, you won’t over shop! Bonus: Since the bins are stackable, you’ll be able to make the most of the vertical space in your pantry or fridge.

Buy: iDesign Linus Deep Drawer Bins, starts at $13 (normally $16)