The Home Edit Just Added More Storage Solutions to Their Container Store Collection — and We Want Everything!

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Fact: You can’t stress-eat an entire bag of cookies if you can’t even find the cookies. Let’s face it, organizing our cabinets is a hard job! And you know what’s worse? Scrolling through Instagram and coming across perfectly organized celeb pantries and cabinets that make it seem so easy. Lucky for us, The Home Edit (aka the folks behind many of those famously organized cabinets) has an exclusive kitchen collection at The Container Store, and it includes even more new ingenious solutions. From storage bins to cereal canisters to clever labels, the streamlined, BPA-free collection helps you keep a tab on contents and can withstand getting knocked around without cracking. The modular pieces neatly stack so you can mix-and-match, and you don’t need a Kardashian budget to snag them! Everything’s affordable, incredibly versatile, and space saving. Below, we’ve rounded up nine of our favorite pieces.

1. Cereal Canister

Save the chip clips for actual chips and keep your cereal crisp with these stylish canisters that hold up to two(!) standard boxes of cereal. Unlike other cereal containers, these are modular and designed to maximize cabinet space. A silicone gasket around the lid creates an air-tight seal, so your Cap’n will keep his Crunch. There’s also a narrower option that’s perfect for storing and keeping pasta fresh.

Buy: Cereal Canister, $22

2. Stacking Pantry Bin

Keep track of all those random candy bars, bags of trail mix, and other oddly sized items with this stackable pantry bin. At 10-by-10-inches, it’s got ample space for all your snacks, and it’s designed with an open front so that even when it’s stacked, it’s easy to reach for that Snicker bar without having to pull out all the bins or messing up your organization system.

Buy: The Home Edit Stacking Pantry Bin, $18

3. Divided Freezer Bin

Wouldn’t it be splendid if all frozen food companies got together and came up with a uniform packaging system — especially since most freezers are just a big open space with one measly shelf? This bin can help organize the towers of oddly shaped frozen veggie bags, boxes of Popsicles and heat-and-eat meals once and for all. It comes with a removable divider, so you can either devote the entire bin to frozen peas or put your veggies on one side and frozen burritos on the other. The bin also comes with a lid, but it’s stackable with or without it.

Buy: The Home Edit Divided Freezer Bin, $18

4. Lazy Susan

Perfect for corner cabinets or hard-to-reach spaces, this Lazy Susan has four sections to keep your items organized and easily accessible. The edge is high enough to keep things from toppling out with even the most overzealous spin. The 18-inch size is ideal to go under your sink (it’ll keep all your cleaning supplies in check), but there’s also a smaller version with removable dividers that’s just under 12 inches. 

Buy: The Home Edit Lazy Susan, $40

5. Berry Bins

Forget what you saw on TikTok: There are no tiny little bugs hitching a ride on your strawberries. The biggest problem with fresh berries is that they seem to spoil as soon as you get them home. But this berry bin (available in two different sizes) keeps them fresher longer, thanks to a removable drainage tray that prevents moisture from ruining the delicious, delicate fruit. As a bonus, the insert can be used as a colander, so just take it out and rinse your berries when you’re ready to eat them.  

Buy: The Home Edit Berry Bins, from $15

6. Small Fridge Bin

No more hunting for random little snack cups — yes, Jell-O, I’m looking at you — that tend to disappear in the back of the fridge until they’re well past their expiration date. This compact bin helps keep all those random, single-use items like juice boxes and yogurt in check. Or you can also use it to organize fresh produce or condiments.

Buy: The Home Edit Small Fridge Bin, $13

7. Organizer Bins

This set of tiny bins is an organizational hero! It comes in four sizes and is incredibly handy to contain things like chip clips, juice boxes, twine for poultry, and more. Put the smallest bin in your bathroom to keep cotton swabs handy, or buy a couple of the taller ones to hold energy bars. And they all fit inside the All-Purpose Bin, so you can custom-design your own organizer for pantry essentials, beauty products, craft supplies, or your kid’s growing LEGO collection.

Buy: The Home Edit Organizer Bins, from $6

8. Egg Bin

If you’ve ever had to get rid of broken, crusty egg stains from the surface of your refrigerator shelf, you know it’s a nasty, smelly, and frustrating process! Keep things fresh and intact with this egg bin, which can store up to 15 eggs at one time. Like all of The Home Edit’s other storage products, the bin is stackable (with or without the lid), so it’ll easily fit in your refrigerator without taking up any unnecessary space.

Buy: The Home Edit Egg Bin, $20

9. Narrow Pantry Bin

Maximize every inch of your cabinet space with this bin that’s narrow enough for the tightest spots but can still hold small items like coffee pods, frequently used spices, oatmeal cups, or those fruit and veggie pouches toddlers love to eat (and squirt everywhere). Built-in handles make it easy to slide the bin out and grab what you need — which is super handy if you’re using it for under-the-sink storage for sponges and steel wool.

Buy: The Home Edit Narrow Pantry Bin, $13