The Conscientious Cook: Appetite for Profit, How the Food Industry Undermines our Health and How to Fight Back

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a new book that explores both charted and uncharted territory relating to the food industry. It’s particularly compelling for parents as a large part of the book focuses on issues of marketing to children, choice and the “nutriwashing” of processed foods.

Since kids eat so many meals outside of the home, even the most conscientious cooks can’t hope to control every food their kids are exposed to. This books talks about building a more democratic, sustainable, healthy food system from the ground up.

First time author, public health attorney and founder of the Center for Informed Food Choices, Michele Simon (check out her blog on the site!) starts by laying out how a few large companies control most of the food Americans eat and exposes the PR spin behind the Food Industry’s front groups. Nothing new here as this has been done by others like Marion Nestle in Food Politics and Eric Schlossler in Fast Food Nation.

What is new is how deeply Simons delves into why the industry can’t be trusted to self-regulate and how she provides a vision and specific tactics for building a more democratic food system. Appendices give information on how individuals can work with legislators and government agencies to improve to the foods in schools, tips on how to respond to common food industry arguments and lists of resources for positive change.