The Coffee Tea Leaf: Yup, It's Tea Made from Coffee!

The Coffee Tea Leaf: Yup, It's Tea Made from Coffee!

Cambria Bold
Jan 15, 2013

For coffee and tea lovers torn over what to drink in the morning, you may never have to choose again: scientists have brewed a tea made from the leaves of the coffee plant. They're calling it the coffee tea leaf. Behold the future, friends.

Of course, it's not that simple, nor is the idea really new. Coffee tea was apparently the next big thing in 1851, according to Dr. Aaron Davies, a botanist at Kew Gardens in London.

The coffee leaf tea, which is said to have an 'earthy' taste that is less bitter than tea and not as strong as coffee, boasts high levels of compounds which lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, experts said.

It also carries far less caffeine than traditional tea or coffee and contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Most of these health claims are still unproven, but I wouldn't be surprised if this starts showing up in coffee/tea houses in coming years. Look out, Portland and Brooklyn.

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