The Coffee Geek’s Travel Must-Have

For a true coffee aficionado, one of the biggest challenges about traveling can be the sub-par coffee you’re forced to suffer through. If you’re headed to big cities with good coffee, then this won’t be a problem. But if you’ve ever taken a multi-day road trip that only affords the choice of gas station coffee or no coffee at all, you’ll want to order this kit — pronto.

(Image credit: Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

While the kit does have a steep price tag, it’s worth it if you are a frequent traveler who can’t start your day with out a cup of joe.

The kit includes an Aeropress, with filters and scoop; a miniature, hand-crank coffee grinder; two enamel mugs; and a bag of Stumptown Hair Raiser beans that all fit inside the leather Wood & Faulk Dopp kit.

We bet you’ll enjoy your travels a lot more if you’ve started your day off with a quality cup of coffee.