The Cheesemonger: Classic Blue Log

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Classic Blue Log
Producer: Westfield Farm
Milk: Pasteurized goat
Age: 3 weeks
Price: $6.99-7.99

I’ve mentioned before how some people can’t stand the sight of a little blue in their cheese. And then there are those who will proclaim, at the very mention, how much they hate goat cheese. For the above people, this cheese is not for you.

The first thing you see with Classic Blue log is, well, lots of blue, loud and right up front. Covered top to bottom in a satiny blue mold, this cheese is not afraid to wear its true colors on the outside. In fact, the inside lacks any trace of blue whatsoever and instead displays the stark white color of a typical young goat cheese.

The taste is tangy with a hit of a pleasant blue twang. Compared to other cheeses with more pervasive molding, like Roquefort, it’s not a powerhouse of a blue. The Classic Blue Log offers just a subtle punch for those looking for something milder.

The Classic Blue Log would be excellent for cooking or a great replacement for crumbled blue cheese on salads. The acidity in this cheese will help brighten up the dish without the saltiness of most crumbly blues.

The first time I tried this cheese, it was with a pint of IPA, and the accidental pairing could not have worked better. The hops balance perfectly with the sharp tanginess of the cheese. If a glass of wine is what you’re looking for, serve it with a bottle of White Bordeaux, whose clean and acidic taste matches well.

Classic Blue Log is widely available at most quality cheese shops. Artisanal carries it for $7.25. Murray’s has it for $7.99. It can also be ordered online for $6.99 directly from Westfield. If you do the latter, do yourself a favor and pick up their Capri as well. It’s one of the best goat cheeses for cooking out there.