The Candy Continues: Art from Craig KanarickSaveur

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

More sugar! Halloween is over, but we’re not quite finished with the candy. We saw a slideshow of photographer Craig Kanarick’s work over at Saveur and thought it was pretty sweet. We could see these prints in a modern kitchen (or, if you really want to drive your kids crazy, a child’s room). Take a look…

According to his bio at, Kanarick used to be a prep cook at Babbo in New York. He’s been collecting and photographing candy for more than 15 years.

We know many of you out there are candy fanatics. Would you like a collection of Starburst on your wall? Any of these prints would certainly add a great pop of color to a kitchen.

Get information on ordering Kanarick’s prints at Rockmade.
See a slideshow of 52 photos at Saveur.

(Images: Craig Kanarick via Rockwell)