The Bruns’ Breathtaking Bucolic Colonial Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know you’ve come across a winner of a kitchen when the first thought in your mind is… well, nothing. When we saw the kitchen of Ken and Lynn-Anne Bruns our minds went blank &mdash we weren’t sure what to think. It was almost as if their kitchen were a mirage and we were imagining it.

The Bruns live in their fantastic colonial in Charlotte, North Carolina. When people say they do it big in the south, they weren’t kidding. We can’t imagine having a kitchen this size &mdash we wouldn’t know what to do!

One of the first features that really stood out, was the faucet above the stove. We all dream of being able to fill pots up right on the stove, it seems like it’s not a big deal, but imagine if you had one! No more trying to fit the pot in the sink and wait for the water to fill up &mdash you get where we’re going with this.

The touches of red are really great in this relatively subdued room. If you notice, the knobs on the stove are red, which are picked up in the stools and then again in the bowls above the window. The accent pieces are noticeable, but they certainly aren’t in your face. They work so well because the rest of the color palette is subtle and refreshing.

We love that the microwave was tucked away and hidden on the side of the island. Let’s face it, microwaves aren’t the prettiest of appliances, so it’s great when they are effectively hidden.

What do you think of The Bruns Breathtaking Bucolic Colonial Kitchen?

(Images: Lynn-Anne Bruns)